MLK Day: Dismantle Triple Evils and Transform Defence

The fact is that MLK’s ‘triple evils’ - poverty, racism and militarism - remain an interconnected ‘nexus’ that civil society has yet to fully address. What Dr.King says below of the USA in 1967 could apply to most nations on earth and most certainly the top 20 military spenders who in 2019 accounted for 85% of $1.9 trillion annual military total spend.

Water, Peace & Security partnership Water insecurity is increasing worldwide. 36% of the world’s people live in water-scarce regions. On average, droughts affect over 50 million people annually and cause more than $5 billion of damage. These numbers are set to increase, due to population growth, rapid urbanisation, and growing economic demands for water. Climate change further intensifies these … Continue reading Water, Peace & Security partnership

Where USA is at War

contrary to what most Americans believe, the war on terror is not winding down—it has spread to more than 40 percent of the world’s countries. The war isn’t being waged by the military alone, which has spent $1.9 trillion fighting terrorism since 2001. The State Department has spent $127 billion in the last 17 years … Continue reading Where USA is at War

Israel’s global military and security reach Jeff Halper Founder Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions Author of War Against the People, Pluto Press 2015 Talks about Israel: A regional military power with ever and increasing global reach Summer 2016 How embedding security and military 'niche-filling'  permits ongoing occupation and delivers Israel global influence Palestine: an occupied nation turned into a 'military-security testing laboratory' Israel: NATO, The EU, … Continue reading Israel’s global military and security reach