COP26 Open Letter Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE      21/10/21 COP26: THE GLOBAL MILITARY, BIG OIL AND CLIMATE CHANGE Today Tipping Point North South’s Transform Defence for Sustainable Human Safety project releases its COP26 media pack to draw public, media and political attention to the absence at COP26 of any discussion on the role of military  greenhouse gas emissions on climate change … Continue reading COP26 Open Letter Media Release

Doubly Unsafe : Our nuclear weapons bases ‘set to flood’

In an incredibly revealing 2019 gathering of the Climate and National Security Forum, senior USA naval defence officials candidly laid out the enormity of the climate – and by extension financial – emergency facing US bases at home and abroad. Unfortunately, the solutions were very much about reducing emissions and supporting mitigation and adaptation in … Continue reading Doubly Unsafe : Our nuclear weapons bases ‘set to flood’

G20 Open Letter Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE                23 June 2021 Embargoed until 00.01 - 23 June 2021 G20 Foreign Affairs and Development Meeting: The clock is ticking on the global military fulfilling its responsibility in reaching net-zero Academics, NGOs, activists and creatives support a call for G20 militaries to come clean on their … Continue reading G20 Open Letter Media Release