Coming soon: two new reports

Coming Soon!

TWO NEW REPORTS RELEASED TO MARK THE PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT ANNIVERSARY IN DECEMBER. To coincide with the launch of its TRANSFORM DEFENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SAFETY project, Tipping Point North South will release two new reports. Five years after the Paris Climate Conference it’s time for governments to include the global military in all climate action. On … Continue reading Coming soon: two new reports

Israel’s global military and security reach Jeff Halper Founder Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions Author of War Against the People, Pluto Press 2015 Talks about Israel: A regional military power with ever and increasing global reach Summer 2016 How embedding security and military 'niche-filling'  permits ongoing occupation and delivers Israel global influence Palestine: an occupied nation turned into a 'military-security testing laboratory' Israel: NATO, The EU, … Continue reading Israel’s global military and security reach