WEBINAR: UK Military Budget Briefing

Organiser: Global Campaign on Military Spending. In November 2020, the Westminster government announced major increases in military spending, while at the same time slashing the overseas aid budget. This double-decision has been heavily criticised by many. Speakers: Sam Perlo Freeman CAAT, Kate Hudson CND, Stuart Parkinson SGR, Deborah Burton TPNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_czgq_FX20o Download UK Military Budget … Continue reading WEBINAR: UK Military Budget Briefing

Reassessing SIPRI’s military expenditure estimate for the United Kingdom

https://www.sipri.org/commentary/topical-backgrounder/2021/reassessing-sipris-military-expenditure-estimate-united-kingdom In November 2020, in the midst of the ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 and despite a projected 10.4 per cent decrease in the United Kingdom’s gross domestic product in 2020, the British Government announced a £16.5 billion budget boost for ‘defence’. The realities of this announcement however remain unclear. The definition of what constitutes the UK’s total military … Continue reading Reassessing SIPRI’s military expenditure estimate for the United Kingdom

Walden Bello on the US-China strategic confrontation

Presentation at the AEPF Global Military Spending and Global In(security) Webinar, Dec 3, 2020 Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South https://www.facebook.com/walden.bello/posts/10158182198814332 There are great worries today that the conflict between China and the US will not stop at simply being a trade war, that it could at some point spill over into some form … Continue reading Walden Bello on the US-China strategic confrontation

MLK Day: Dismantle Triple Evils and Transform Defence

The fact is that MLK’s ‘triple evils’ - poverty, racism and militarism - remain an interconnected ‘nexus’ that civil society has yet to fully address. What Dr.King says below of the USA in 1967 could apply to most nations on earth and most certainly the top 20 military spenders who in 2019 accounted for 85% of $1.9 trillion annual military total spend.