‘Global Britain’ PR campaign in the guise of defence budget increase

British Prime Minister Johnson announced his government's intention to increase defence spending by £24.1 billion over the next four years, on top of existing annual defence spending (around £40bn p/a), and hence amounting to £190 billion over the next four years. That's nearly £200bn for the next 4 years. For what?

The ‘battlefield of international aid’?

What did he just say? Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, speaking of the £24bn increase in defence budget announcement today, told Sky News: "Part of Britain’s overseas assistance is defence and security.'' Mr Wallace insisted the Government was not "abandoning the battlefield of international aid", but stated the "decisions on the numbers" will be revealed by the Chancellor next week. "Do … Continue reading The ‘battlefield of international aid’?

Coming soon: two new reports

Coming Soon!

TWO NEW REPORTS RELEASED TO MARK THE PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT ANNIVERSARY IN DECEMBER. To coincide with the launch of its TRANSFORM DEFENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SAFETY project, Tipping Point North South will release two new reports. Five years after the Paris Climate Conference it’s time for governments to include the global military in all climate action. On … Continue reading Coming soon: two new reports

Time to Rethink Arms Sales to Taiwan

By A. TREVOR THRALL and JORDAN COHEN, Defense One NOVEMBER 2, 2020 On the surface, selling arms to Taiwan makes sense. Taipei has been an American ally for many decades and the United States has promised to help the island defend itself against China. Advocates of the most recent deal argue that the Harpoon missiles will improve Taiwan’s … Continue reading Time to Rethink Arms Sales to Taiwan

COVID shows that the military-industrial complex can’t keep us safe

by Paul Rogers, openDemocracy 30 October 2020 Back in late February, a month or so into the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization was warning of the dangers of the disease, about its potential to spread and to kill, and about the critical need to test for the virus. A few countries in south-east and … Continue reading COVID shows that the military-industrial complex can’t keep us safe