Doubly Unsafe : Our nuclear weapons bases ‘set to flood’

In an incredibly revealing 2019 gathering of the Climate and National Security Forum, senior USA naval defence officials candidly laid out the enormity of the climate – and by extension financial – emergency facing US bases at home and abroad. Unfortunately, the solutions were very much about reducing emissions and supporting mitigation and adaptation in … Continue reading Doubly Unsafe : Our nuclear weapons bases ‘set to flood’


The abject failure of post 9/11 foreign and military policies in Afghanistan The utter failure of international foreign and defence policy in Afghanistan (going back decades) with all the deep, profound consequences for the Afghan people, was the cumulative result of wilful, self seeking, ignorant, short-term, wrong-headed strategies which lined the pockets of defence contractors … Continue reading Unforgiveable

‘Global Britain’ PR campaign in the guise of defence budget increase

British Prime Minister Johnson announced his government's intention to increase defence spending by £24.1 billion over the next four years, on top of existing annual defence spending (around £40bn p/a), and hence amounting to £190 billion over the next four years. That's nearly £200bn for the next 4 years. For what?