Don’t Buy Don’t Sell: Germany – Turkey

The potential of  Five Percent Campaign's "Don't Buy Don't Sell" campaign concept  is well  illustrated in Germany's recent civil society activities. After Turkey's latest "Operation Olive Branch" was exposed to show that German-made tanks were used against Kurdish groups in Syria (who were significant local allies of the USA's fight against the Islamic State), the … Continue reading Don’t Buy Don’t Sell: Germany – Turkey

Don’t Buy Don’t Sell in the Trump era

After authorising the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles (each costing around $1.5 million) at a Syrian airbase with no apparent consequential strategic purpose and diminishing none of the Syrian regime's chemical weapons capability, the maker of the Tomahawk missiles, Raytheon's stock rose sharply, adding more than $1 billion to its market capitalisation. Other missile and … Continue reading Don’t Buy Don’t Sell in the Trump era

Approaching the $2 trillion redline

During the 1980s, the Cold War and the global nuclear arms race propelled total military spending in the world higher than ever before. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the idea of the "peace dividend" got hold and for a short while, it did indeed look like that was where the world was going … Continue reading Approaching the $2 trillion redline