G7 Open Letter Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE                03/06/2021 Embargoed until 00.01 Friday 4 June G7 Summit: The clock is ticking on the global military fulfilling its responsibility in reaching net-zero Academics, NGOs, activists and creatives support a call for G7 militaries to come clean on their carbon emissions ahead of COP 26 in Glasgow. Tipping Point North South’s Transform … Continue reading G7 Open Letter Media Release

Research Partnership with TNI State of Power 2021: Coercive World

State of Power 2021

Each year, TNI produces a STATE OF POWER resource on a highly topical issue.   TNI, founded in 1974, is an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable planet. The research for COERCIVE WORLD infographics was undertaken by TPNS/Transform Defence and covers military, police, homeland security and prisons around the … Continue reading Research Partnership with TNI State of Power 2021: Coercive World

DW: Scorched earth: The climate impact of conflict

https://www.dw.com/en/the-bootprint-of-war-carbon-emissions/a-57682807 by Stuart Bruan, Deutsche Welle From the dumping of defoliants like Agent Orange on forests in Vietnam to oil wells set ablaze during the Gulf War and the contamination of the aquifers bombed in Gaza, environmental destruction has long been a by-product of conflict. Less talked about is the impact of war and the military on the climate crisis. This … Continue reading DW: Scorched earth: The climate impact of conflict

WEBINAR: UK Military Budget Briefing

Organiser: Global Campaign on Military Spending. In November 2020, the Westminster government announced major increases in military spending, while at the same time slashing the overseas aid budget. This double-decision has been heavily criticised by many. Speakers: Sam Perlo Freeman CAAT, Kate Hudson CND, Stuart Parkinson SGR, Deborah Burton TPNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_czgq_FX20o Download UK Military Budget … Continue reading WEBINAR: UK Military Budget Briefing