Friday 21st April was an amazing day of XR organised activity. Day one of four days was dedicated to pickets of every major government department. Under the banner Unite to Survive more than 200 organisations came together to form a ‘movement of movements’. The demand was for elected representatives do all and everything necessary to … Continue reading TPNS at XR’S THE BIG ONE 

IPCC – We need to talk about the military

The IPCC final synthesis report of this AR6 cycle tells us we are overshooting 1.5 degrees. Governments know what this means. Our home planet is nearing 2 degrees of warming. From there, all bets are off. When people and planet desperately need urgent 21st century answers to a 20th century made catastrophe, with Code Red warnings … Continue reading IPCC – We need to talk about the military

UNFCCC Global Stocktake Submission

The Global Stocktake is a new UNFCCC process to gather information on GHG emissions. With seven other research and advocacy groups (Europe & USA), TPNS has made a joint submission for military emissions.  Download 'Submission to the UNFCCC Global Stocktake: Military and Conflict Emissions' [PDF] GST Submission MILITARY EMISSIONSDownload