Coming soon: two new reports

Coming Soon!


To coincide with the launch of its TRANSFORM DEFENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE HUMAN SAFETY project, Tipping Point North South will release two new reports.

Five years after the Paris Climate Conference it’s time for governments to include the global military in all climate action.

On the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Agreement, and as nations update their 2020 Nationally Determined Contributions, it’s time to add yet one more human activity to the ‘net zero’ debate: the global military, their contribution to the climate emergency and why climate change (and pandemic) demands we Transform Defence for Sustainable Human Safety.

This December, Tipping Point North South will launch its latest initiative Transform Defence for Sustainable Human Safety with the publication of two new reports.

Indefensible: The true cost of the global military on climate change and human security is an in-depth report that looks at the impact of the global military on these related concerns and argues that the development and environmental campaigning community urgently needs to address this ‘elephant in the room’ which has a disastrous effect on so much of the development agenda.

Global Military Spending, Sustainable Human Safety and Value for Money argues that we have out of date definitions of defence and are paying a terrible price. Every person, community, society, nation, region needs protection from aggressors and terrorists and it is the job of government to defend its citizens from such threats. The report argues that these threats need to be in their place, proportionately, alongside much greater but entirely marginalised human security threats such as climate breakdown and pandemic.

Watch this space!