Doubly Unsafe : Our nuclear weapons bases ‘set to flood’

In an incredibly revealing 2019 gathering of the Climate and National Security Forum, senior USA naval defence officials candidly laid out the enormity of the climate – and by extension financial – emergency facing US bases at home and abroad. Unfortunately, the solutions were very much about reducing emissions and supporting mitigation and adaptation in order that the US armed forces may continue its business as usual – keeping American interests safe.  For all that, it is a compelling webinar.

Climate and National Security Forum 2019 – A Climate Security Plan for America 

Now, we read much the same scenario for the UK’s nuclear base at Faslane.

The Faslane nuclear base on the Clyde could be forced to shut down by increasing storms and floods caused by climate pollution, according to a new report.

The nearby Trident missile store at Coulport and the nuclear submarine graveyard at Rosyth, on the Forth, are also likely to be damaged by rising waters in the future, the report says, along with six other nuclear sites in England.

There is a “significant risk” to stockpiles of military radioactive waste from “climate-drive extreme weather”, the report warns. Government safety regulators have been “relatively complacent” about the risks in the past, it claims.

Yet one more alarming yet utterly sidelined climate change reality coming down the road.

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