Israel’s global military and security reach

Jeff Halper

Founder Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Author of War Against the People, Pluto Press 2015

Talks about Israel: A regional military power with ever and increasing global reach

Summer 2016

  1. How embedding security and military ‘niche-filling’  permits ongoing occupation and delivers Israel global influence
  2. Palestine: an occupied nation turned into a ‘military-security testing laboratory’
  3. Israel: NATO, The EU, ‘HORIZON 2020’ and convenient ‘Dual-Use’
  4. Militarism and the pacification of peoples worldwide
  5. Without context you can’t see the big picture
  6. The business of military spending


Mark Curtis December 2018

I can’t find a single article in the UK ‘mainstream’ media exposing the depth of UK support for Israel. There is a de facto media blackout.

UK aid to Gaza is absurd while it sells guns to Israel

Ryvka Barnard, War on Want, August 2018

The new UK aid package ignores the root cause of the problems facing Palestinians: Israel’s occupation and apartheid regim



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