Carbon Neutral Peace and Defence

What is Carbon Neutral Peace and Defence and why do we need it?
A concept such as Carbon Neutral Peace and Defence can help nations – and citizens – to fully see, and assess the carbon burden of their respective militaries in the round  and therefore, devise the ways in which they must, like every other aspect of human activity, fully decarbonise.

How to Transform Defence for Sustainable Human Safety: 10 Talking Points for a Difficult Conversation

An attempt to offer up a framework that tries to envision how we get a much better deal for the world’s citizens from the abject failure of past and current foreign and defence policies that sees us stagger from one war to the next; the world carved up according to spheres of influence; stupid narrow mindsets prevailing over catastrophic climate change and more than 6 million dead due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stockholm+50 and Global Military Emissions

To fully comply with the urgent need to reach zero-carbon, we call upon STOCKHOLM+50 to take account of a climate change ‘elephant in the room’ – unreported global military emissions.